PhD position available! time in ecological networks

(update Jan-2017: Position filled)

I have a PhD position (65% contract for 3 years) available in my lab (at the University of Freiburg)!

You will use models and fieldwork to investigate temporal dynamics in insect interaction networks (plant-pollinator, plant-herbivore, host-parasitoid). The main objective is to identify the functional relevance of temporal (daily, seasonal) structure of species interactions. The degree of modeling vs empirical  work is somewhat flexible.

Please apply before 5 December 2016.

Here you find the full ad as a pdf.

If you want to read more, this might be a good starting point: Fründ J, Dormann CF, Tscharntke T (2011). Linné’s floral clock is slow without pollinators – flower closure and plant-pollinator interaction webs. Ecology Letters, 14, pp. 896-904.

And somewhat more technical: Fründ J, McCann KS, Williams NM (2016). Sampling bias is a challenge for quantifying specialization and network structure: lessons from a quantitative niche model. Oikos, 125, pp. 502-513.

Another relevant paper with cool ideas and figures on the topic: Rasmussen et al. (2013). Strong impact of temporal resolution on the structure of an ecological network. Plos One