Lab Members

My lab is part of the Biometry & Environmental System Analysis group led by Carsten Dormann.

A bipartite network of all current lab members and keywords for their research projects. People doing more similar work tend to be grouped closer together. Made with the bipartite R package, using this code: cols <- rgb(0:6/6, 0.1, 6:0/6, 0.7); plotweb(t(mydata), y.width.low=0.07, y.width.high=0.07, col.interaction=rep(cols,each=7), col.low=cols)

Present lab members

PhD candidates

BenjaBenjaminSchwarzFotomin Schwarz joined the team in March 2017. He is combining theory and empirical studies to get a better understanding of temporal dynamics of ecological networks and what they mean for the functional outcomes of interactions. A special focus are diel patterns in plant-pollinator interactions, a timescale that has often been neglected compared to the attention that seasonal phenology receives lately. See more on his page on our department website.

Sylvie Berthelot joined the team in February 2018. She is studying tree-arthropod interaction networks in the IDENT experiment network. She will employ the temporal networks approach to unravel how neighboring trees interact with each other mediated via insects. She hopes to learn more about how tree diversity influences herbivory and how exotic tree species are integrated into native interaction webs. See more on her page on our department website.


MSc candidates

Katrina Chan will start in May 2018 and look on flower closure and pollinators in Cichorieae.

Deena Shrestha will start in Apr 2018 and study insects on trees in the IDENT experiment.

BSc candidates

Laura Becker will start in Apr 2018 and model mutualistic networks, looking at their stability.

Leon Thoma will start in June 2018 and study insects on trees in the IDENT experiment.


Past lab members

MSc theses

Elena Weindel (2016): How does tree diversity influence habitat use and predation by insectivorous birds?

Mert Kavaklıoğlu (2016): Insect herbivore diversity in the IDENT tree diversity experiment

BSc theses

Urban Eisele (2016): Auswirkungen der Vielfalt des Baumbestandes auf die Kontrolle herbivorer Insekten durch Vögel (EN: tree diversity and insect predation by birds)

Clara Wild (2017): Stellung von Ackerwildkräutern im Pflanzen-Bestäuber-Nahrungsnetz und die Bedeutung von Habitatkomplexen für den Naturschutz (EN: plant-pollinator networks in a habitat complex)


If you would like to join my lab and develop a project that matches my research interests (in particular on timing and multi-species interactions), please contact me!
If you are interested in ecological interaction networks, it might sound cool for you that here you would be at the source of the developers of the widely used bipartite R package. I’d be happy to assist you in developing an application for a PhD fellowship (I have successfully applied for several fellowships in the past).

If you are interested in doing an MSc or BSc thesis with me, see here.