Lab Members

If you would like to join my lab and develop a project that matches my research interests (in particular on timing and multi-species interactions), please contact me!
If you are interested in ecological interaction networks, it might sound cool for you that here you would be at the source of the developers of the widely used bipartite R package.
I’d be happy to assist you in developing an application for a PhD fellowship (I have successfully applied for several fellowships in the past).
If you are interested in doing an MSc or BSc thesis with me, see here.


Present lab members

PhD candidates

Position to be filled soon…

MSc candidates

Elena Weindel: How does tree diversity influence habitat use and predation by insectivorous birds?

BSc candidates

Clara Wild: Stellung von Ackerwildkräutern im Pflanzen-Bestäuber-Nahrungsnetz und die Bedeutung von Habitatkomplexen für den Naturschutz [EN-short: plant-pollinator networks in habitat complexes]


Past lab members

MSc theses

Mert Kavaklıoğlu: Insect herbivore diversity in the IDENT tree diversity experiment

BSc theses

Urban Eisele: Auswirkungen der Vielfalt des Baumbestandes auf die Kontrolle herbivorer Insekten durch Vögel [EN-short: tree diversity and insect predation by birds]