Current Research

More recent projects have broadened my scope from mostly empirical pollinator research to (a) including more theoretical work and (b) studying other types of interactions.

Together with Kevin McCann (U of Guelph) and Eldon Eveleigh (NRCan, Canadian Forest Service, Fredericton), I am looking at the balsam fir food web. In this system, Spruce Budworm (Choristoneura fumiferana) is notorious for devastating outbreaks after long periods of low density. We are interested in the host-parasitoid food web surrounding this core interaction and are currently developing quantified food webs to understand their temporal dynamics.

More recently started projects are based in a tree diversity experiment in Germany, where I supervise students studying herbivorous insects and their antagonists across tree species. I am also involved in multiple collaborative projects, mostly trying to understand species interaction networks or the importance of pollinator diversity.

I am now starting a new project to develop the temporal dimension of network ecology, combining the development of new analytical tools, new conceptual / theoretical models and new finely resolved data.


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